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Inspired by the “can-do” entrepreneurial spark that carried the USA through World War II, Larry Dempsey founded Batavia Enterprises, Inc.(BEI) in 1959. As Larry became familiar with the community while running Dunbar Kapple facilities in Batavia and Geneva, he became interested in investing in real estate. He began with purchasing the 105,000 square foot former US Wind Engine and Pump Company facilities, the epicenter of US wind energy development. These properties served as a government owned munitions manufacturing plant during WWII and through the mid-1950s, the partial industrial, partial office layout of the building was perfect for Larry’s first venture into creating a multi-tenant, mixed-use property.

While the building was the first step for Batavia Enterprises, the most important step was, and always will be, the drive to serve our customers’ needs. That drive is recognized in Larry’s first lease from 1959 with Pamarco Global Graphics After 55 successful years in their Batavia location Pamarco continues to be our company’s first and longest standing customer!

Batavia Enterprises has diversified its portfolio over the years. Larry began looking for additional opportunities in the mid-1970s and purchased the former Dukane building on Route 64 in St. Charles. This historic Dukane building, formerly the Operadio Manufacturing and Globe Music Co. making banjos and radios, is now a multi-tenant office and industrial building referred to as the Cedar Avenue Business Center with distinctive suites for professionals reflecting the character of the buildings creative origins. Larry’s next purchase was a new industrial facility in West Chicago that faces the DuPage County Airport. Today, this building is home to several of our long-standing customers. With each addition to the portfolio, we strive to work with business owners in each category of the market (industrial, commercial, retail, and residential) to fulfill their real estate needs so they can focus on their business.

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Wanting to share in his vision after he doubled the size of BEI’s portfolio, Larry encouraged his son Gerry to consider relocating to the Fox Valley. In 1979, after a 13 year career in managing and marketing enclosed regional shopping centers across Ohio, Wisconsin and Illinois, Gerry relocated back to the Fox Valley and accepted a position as vice president within the family firm. Gerry was immediately faced with the challenge of building a staff, creating leasing and maintenance systems and dealing with an aging portfolio of industrial properties. The two worked together on managing the portfolio to meet the needs and emerging opportunities in the Fox Valley.

Prior to his death in 1988, Larry Dempsey hired a certified property manager who would soon become an integral member of the company and BEI Family, Dan Stellato, and Gerry became president of Batavia Enterprises. While Dan began his career with the company as property manager, over the next 25 years he grew to become Gerry’s right-hand man, beloved alderman of St. Charles and the next President of Batavia Enterprises Inc. Throughout Dan’s career with BEI, he focused on both marketing and operational elements of the business and assisted Gerry on all major projects and purchases. Together, Gerry and Dan worked on the design and development of such major accomplishments as the American Cancer Society buildout, the conversion of a Jewel grocery store into a Walgreens, the rehabilitation of the Lincoln Atrium Business Center (formerly a Batavia church) and many more projects throughout the Fox Valley area. The team also converted an 1878 Victorian home, currently called the Newton House, to an office building while retaining all of its historical charm

History of BEI Properties Batavia, IL

BEI Properties in Batavia, IL

Following in his father’s footsteps, and with the help of Dan’s expertise, Gerry continued to expand the company’s portfolio, which included expanding into land acquisition. The company purchased 16 new land sites, over 1,000 acres, and purchased or totally remodeled 42 existing properties. With the sales of some of the acquired land parcels, Gerry was able to assist in the development of such local treasures as the Geneva Commons shopping center, Meijer and Lowes in St. Charles, as well as the residential developments of Bricher Commons in Geneva, and Redgate, and Thornley on the Fox in St. Charles.

In 2007, Batavia Enterprises expanded to include a 3rd generation with the addition of Austin Dempsey. After successfully managing 4.5 million square feet of real estate interests as an asset manager for The Centro Properties Group (formerly known as Heritage Property Investment Trust), Austin was asked to join the family business as Vice President while Gerry transitioned to the Chairman/CEO position.

Instead of purchasing more properties like his dad and grandfather, Austin took on the task of putting more efficient systems in place. His first priority was making property management and leasing two separately focused positions as well as spearheading the concept of the “BEI Family.” While Batavia Enterprises, Inc. is a family run business, the family atmosphere within the office and the relationship with our customers is what truly creates the BEI Family. We are lucky to have several employees and customers who have been with us over 15 years.

Our staff takes great pride in their jobs. The care shown to each other and our customers is easily noticeable through the conversations, appearances, and volunteer efforts by each member of the team.

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Whether it be attending weddings and birthdays of their customers and coworkers or raising funds for the local and national charities, the BEI Family consistently shows its support for each other and its communities.

Austin wanted to put a name to the fact that BEI’s presence in the Fox Valley does not just involve owning and managing property; the people within the company all live in, work with and support each community the company is involved in.

This includes:

  • Holding leadership positions on community boards and city council (Chambers, Batavia MainStreet, Fox Valley Volunteer Hospice, United Way, local high schools/colleges/universities and more)
  • Raising funds and goods for local and national charities/organizations (Boy Scouts, American Cancer Society, United Way, Toys for Tots and more) and donating the use of space for local fundraising events held by others

As the BEI Family grows, so does its involvement and interests in the community!

Today, we have acquired over 50 properties in the industrial, retail, office/commercial, and residential markets as well as over 1,000 acres of vacant land throughout the Fox Valley area. With so many properties throughout the Fox Valley, Austin saw the need to update Batavia Enterprises, Inc.’s image and name. While BEI started in Batavia, the company did not want to be recognized as only being in Batavia, but did not want to lose its strong history either, so the transition to “BEI Properties” was made.